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Water Gremlin Stipulation Agreement

Water Gremlin Company is a production company based at 4400 Otter Lake Road in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. It is believed to have existed since 1949 as a supplier of recreational fishing products, including lead plugs. In the 1970s, the company began producing lead-acid battery terminals and used the chemical trichlorethylene (TCE) as a grease remover for metal parts. It was recently reported that it employed 218 people. In 2005, Water Gremlin was acquired by Okabe Co. Ltd. of a Japanese company with subsidiaries in China and Italy. The company switched to another solvent, dichlorethen, or DCE, as part of an agreement with the MPCA, but state officials said a pollution assessment revealed further DCE contamination on the ground. Water Gremlin proposes to transform a coated solvent into a solvent-free hardening process with ultraviolet light. The proposed amendment will reduce potential emissions of volatile organic compounds and increase potential particulate emissions within permitted limits. Due to the increase in particulate emissions, Water Gremlin must request a minor change in the authorization prior to the change.

The MPCA found that the minor amendment related to issues that, due to public concerns about the installation changes, could generate significant negative feedback. As is necessary under Minn. R. 7007.0850, subp. 2, D (2), on September 17, 2020, MPCA Water Gremlin reported that the slight change to the public auction procedure in accordance with Minn. A. 7007.0850, Subp.2 (A) (1) (3) and that, therefore, Water Gremlin will only be able to make the amendment once permission for this amendment has been granted. Communication, the draft authorisation and technical assistance documents are available here: The latest pollutant assessment was carried out as part of an agreement between the company and the MPCA.

HISTORY: In March 2019, the MPCA announced that an agreement had been signed with Water Gremlin. When the Polar Bear community began to read the agreement, we learned that we were exposed for 17 years to a very high level of TCE. In addition, further action was taken during the year against Water Gremlin by THE MPCA, MDH and the Department of Labor and Industry for lead mismanagement. The management order was used by Water Gremlin and the shutdown of the solvent coating plant on Thursday, August 22. Among the remarks, the MPCA is very concerned that Water Gremlin is not actively releasing TDCE and has not already stopped publishing. 28: The study of gremlin water should not have revealed concentrations of TDCE in soil vapour.