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Winter League Agreement

When the Cuban league strengthened, it began to improve in its regular competitions against Major League teams. In 1908, Méndez shut out the Cincinnati Reds for 25 consecutive innings, including a 1-shot, 9-strikeout shutout. In 1910, Cuban teams beat the Philadelphia World Series champion Athletics 6 games to 4, prompting the embarrassed commissioner to ban exhibition games after the season by the defending World Series champion. “The Frontier League is not only the largest independent professional league in the country, they are also the longest going in their 28th season in 2021. Over the years, they have seen more former players play mlb-bound baseball than any other league. Working with a professional league that focuses on player progression and the quality of the game is a priority for us, and that`s why it makes perfect sense to make this contract an official Frontier League winter league. Reschke continued. Instead of a threshold of 502 discs for Major League Baseball players, those with up to 552 players can play the winter ball. In addition, the procedure used so far to determine a “physical disability” – teams only had to provide documents – now has strict rules. If a player has not completed the season on the disability list or has spent 60 days in DL (including 15 in the last 60 days of the season), a team cannot declare him physically unable. The exception is jugs that have undergone major surgery in the past 18 months.

The California Winter League will begin its twelfth season on January 18, 2021. The league will have to deal during the month-long season with MLB Scout Days and live games ending February 14 with the CWL Championship. Players interested in CWL can sign up for and find more information on Twitter (@CalWinterLeague), Instagram (@CaliforniaWinterLeague) or Facebook. Major League Baseball wanted to limit the use of young and vulnerable pitchers, and the union insisted that there be as much freedom as possible for its players. These winter league teams pay salaries. “We were very interested to work with a professional baseball league in 2015 to ensure that California Winter League players had the best chances anywhere in the world, and we`re so excited that it`s become a 7-year relationship with the Frontier League, where CWL players have become rookies of the year, all-stars and Frontier League champions,” said CWL General Manager Justin Reschke.