The aluminum 1100 alloy is soft, low strength and is considered the most commercially pure aluminum alloy, composed of 99.6% aluminum. It has excellent forming characteristics but due to its softness is not used for high-strength or high-pressure applications.

1100F 1100-H112 1100-H113 1100-H12 1100-H14 1100-H16
1100-H18 1100-H19 1100-H211 1100-H24 1100-H25 1100-0


Commonly used in spun hollow ware, fin stock, heat exchanger fins, dials and name plates, cooking utensils, decorative parts, gift ware, rivets and reflectors, and in sheet metal work.


AMS 4001, 4003, 4062, 4102, 4180, 7220
ASME SFA5.10 (ER 1100), SFA5.3 (E1100)
ASTM B209, B210 ,B211 ,B221, B241, B247, B275, B313, B316, B361, B479, B483, B491, B547, B548
AWS A5.10 (ER1100), A5.3 (E1100)
QQ-A-225/1, QQ-A-250/1, QQ-A-430C NOT 1, QQ-A-561, QQ-A-1876 NOT 1, WW-T-700/1
MIL-W-85, MIL-A-12545D, MIL-S-22499/1, SAE-AMS-DTL-22499/1, MIL-C-26094, MIL-I-23413C, MIL-W-6712
MIL A-52174, MIL A-52177, MIL C-26094, MIL E15597 (MIL-1100), MIL R-5674, MIL S-24149/5
UNS J91100
SAE: J454

Available Forms

  • Bar
  • Rectangle Bar
  • Rod
  • Square Bar