5052 Aluminum


This is a non-heat treatable alloy that is weldable. It is hardened by cold working. It has good forming characteristics and good corrosion resistance, including resistance to salt water.


Commonly used in the manufacture of hydraulic tubes, kitchen cabinets, small boats, home freezers, milk crates, aircraft tube, fencing, and appliances. Commonly used in sheet metal work and in sheet metal parts.


ASTM B209, B210, B211, B221, B234, B241, B313, B316, B404, B483, B547, B548
AA 5052
AMS 4004, 4015, 4016, 4017, 4069, 4070, 4071, 4114, 4178, 4348, AMS-A-81596
ASME SB-209, SB-210, SB-234, SB-241
MIL C-26094, MIL G-18014, MIL S-12875, QQ A-225/7, QQ A-250/8
QQ A-430, QQ WW-T-700/4, UNS A95052
UNS A95052
SAE J454

Available Forms

  • Bar
  • Plate
  • Rod
  • Sheet
  • Strip
  • Tubes