6020 Aluminum


6020 is a new alloy from Alcoa, with the tradename Ultralloy X6020. It is an A rated, unleaded, free machining bar product. It is possible to use aluminium / aluminum alloys to create stiffer and lighter designs than traditional uses of steels. 6020 alloy is a wrought alloy type with excellent corrosion resistance. It is an unleaded variety. 6020 alloy is known for its high corrosion resistance, excellent machinability, good joining characteristics, and very good response to anodizing.


Common applications include, hinge pins, brake pistons, camera parts, automotive transmission valves, CATV connectors, tripod fittings, air-conditioning compressor pistons.
Aluminium / aluminum 6020 alloy is also used in areas where leaded products pose an environmental concern.


AA 6020
UNS 96020

Available Forms

  • Pipe
  • Rectangle Bar
  • Rod
  • Square Bar