7075 Aluminum


7075 aluminum alloy is capable of high strength as developed by heat treating. It also has excellent properties at low temperatures.


Commonly used in the manufacture of aircraft and other aerospace applications not requiring the corrosion resistance of Clad 7075.


ASTM B209, B210, B211, B221, B241, B247, B275-63, B316, F468
AMS 4038C, 4039C, 4078E, 4122H, 4123G, 4124C, 4126B, 4131C, MAM 4131A, 4141D, MAM 4141A, 4147C, 4154M, 4166E, 4167G, 4168H, 4169J, 4174C, 4186B, 4187B, 4277, 4310C, 4311C, 4323A, MAM 4323A, 4044H, 4045H
FF-W-84A , QQ-A-200/11, QQ-A-200/15, QQ-A-225/9, QQ-A-250/12, QQ-A-250/24, QQ-A-277, QQ-A-283, QQ-A-367H, QQ-A-430C, WW-T-700/7
MIL-A-12545D, MIL-A-22771D, MIL-F-18280F,
MMS 159, BAC 5439 CL A, PS 21211, BMS 7-186, SS 9213, SS 9616, GSS 16100
SAE J454
UNS A97075

Available Forms

  • Bar
  • Forge
  • Pipe
  • Plate
  • Rod
  • Sheet
  • Tubes
  • Wire