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AMS Resource, Inc. is a supplier of Aluminum in a range of different grades, shapes and sizes. We have listed many grades with as much information as possible for reference,  while we may not stock all of them, we don’t want to look like the “Sears” catalog of steel. If we do not stock a listed grades of material, generally if it’s made, we can find it. There are times that some material just isn’t available off the shelf. In those cases, often we have two options, we can assist in looking for an alternate grade that is more readily available or we can go to the mill and have it produced in mill quantities.

1000 Series Aluminum

110099.6% pure aluminum alloy with excellent forming characteristics

2000 series are alloyed with copper, can be precipitation hardened to strengths comparable to steel. Formerly referred to as duralumin, they were once the most common aerospace alloys, but were suscep

2011 Aluminum Alloy
2014 This is a precipitation hardening alloy with good strength after heat treatment
2017 General Purpose Aluminum
2024 High strength aluminum alloy
2124Wrought aluminum alloy
2219Heat treatable wrought aluminum alloy

3000 series are alloyed with manganese, and can be work hardened

3003Wrought aluminum alloy, non-heat treatable
3105Wrought aluminum alloy, non heat treatable

4000 series are alloyed with silicon. They are also known as silumin

4032Wrought aluminum alloy

5000 series are alloyed with mangnesium

5005A lean aluminium magnesium alloy which can be hardened by cold work: it is not heat treatable
5052A non-heat treatable alloy with good corrosion resistance, especially to salt water
5083This is a non-heat treatable alloy for strengthening. It has very good corrosion resistance, is easily welded and has good strength
5086High strength structural alloy. It is not heat treatable
5454Wrought aluminum, non heat treatable
5456Wrought Aluminum alloy, non heat treatable

6000 series are alloyed with magnesium and silicon, are easy to machine, and can be precipitation hardened, but not to high strengths that 2000 and 7000 can reach

6013An aluminum-magnesium-silicon-copper alloy
6020A wrought alloy type with excellent corrosion resistance
6061The most commonly available, heat treatable aluminum alloy
6063This is generally considered to be an extrusion alloy that is heat treatable for strengthening
6101Wrought aluminum alloy, heat treatable
6262This is a heat treatable and free-machining alloy. It has good mechanical strength and corrosion resistance

7000 series are alloyed with zinc, and can be precipitation hardened to the highest strengths of any aluminum alloy

7050It has high toughness, strong mechanical strength, and good stress corrosion cracking resistance and is heat treatable
7075High strength aluminum alloy, heat treatable
7150Wrought aluminum alloy, heat treatable
7175High Strength, Heat Treatable forging alloy
7178 High strength aluminum with magnesium and copper
7475Wrought aluminum alloy, heat treatable