Brass, Bronze & Copper

AMS Resources, Inc. is a supplier of Copper Alloys including brass, bronze, and copper. The properties of these materials vary so ideal applications of each metal differ. Brass has mechanical, chemical, and electrical properties and is often used for hinges, gears, locks, and plumbing. The ductility, machinability, and strength of bronze makes it ideal for musical instruments, medals, coins, and parts such as clips and bearings. Copper, is one of just a few metals that occur in nature in a directly usable form. It is used for currency, wire/cables, electronics, and roofing. Whichever Copper Alloy you seek, know your “ace in a hole” partners (that’s us, AMS) have it in stock or will source it.

  • Aluminum Bronzes
  • Brasses
  • Copper-Leaded Alloys
  • Copper-Nickel Alloys
  • High Copper Alloys
  • High Leaded Tin Bronzes
  • High Strength Yellow Brasses
  • Leaded Brasses
  • Leaded High Strength Yellow
  • Leaded Tin-Bronzes
  • Manganese Bronzes
  • Nickel Silvers
  • Nickel-Tin Bronzes
  • Oil Impregnated Bronzes
  • Phosphor Bronzes
  • Red & Leaded Brasses
  • Semi-Red & Leaded Semi-Red
  • Silicon Bronzes/Brasses
  • Tin Brasses/Bronzes
  • Wrought Alloys
  • Yellow & Leaded Yellow

Wrought Coppers

C10100 C10200 C10300 C10400 C10500 C10700 C10800 C10920 C10930 C10940 C11000 C11010 C11020 C11030 C11040 C11100 C11300 C11400 C11500 C11600 C11700 C12000 C12100 C12200 C12210 C12220 C12300 C12900 C14180 C14181 C14200 C14300 C14410 C14415 C14420 C14500 C14510 C14520 C124530 C14700 C15000 C15100 C15500 C15715 C15720 C15725 C15760

C10100, CDA101, CA101
Oxygen-Free Electronic Copper
C11000, CDA110, CA110
Electronic Tough Pitch Copper, ETP
C12200, CDA122, CA122
Phosphorus Deoxidized, High Residual Phosphorus Copper
C14500, CDA145, CA145
Phosphorus Deoxidized Copper, Tellurium Bearing, DPTE

Wrought High Copper Alloys

C16200 C16500 C17000 C17200 C17300 C17410 C17500 C17510 C18000 C18030 C18040 C18050 C18070 C18090 C18100 C18135 C18140 C18100 C18400 C18700 C18900 C18980 C18990 C19000 C19010 C19015 C19020 C19030 C19100 C19150 C19200 C19210 C19220 C19260 C19280 C19400 C19410 C19450 C19500 C19520 C19700 C19750 C19900

C17200, CDA172, CA172
Beryllium Copper, Alloy 25
C17500, CDA175, CA175
Beryllium Copper
C18000, CDA180, CA180
Copper Chromium Nickel Silicon, RWMA Class III, Beryllium Free
C18200, CDA182, CA182
Chromium Copper, RWMA Class II

Wrought Copper-Zinc Alloys (Brasses)

C21000 C22000 C22600 C23000 C23030 C23400 C24000 C24080 C26000 C26130 C26200 C26800 C27000 C27200 C27400 C28000

C22000, CDA220, CA220
Commercial Bronze 90%
C23000, CDA230, CA230
Red Brass 85/15% Gilding Brass
C26000, CDA260, CA260
Cartridge Brass 70% 70/30
C27000, CDA270, CA270
Yellow Brass 65% 65/35

Wrought Copper-Zinc-Lead Alloys (Leaded Brasses)

C31200 C31400 C31600 C32000 C33000 C33200 C33500 C34000 C34200 C34500 C35000 C35300 C35330 C35600 C36000 C36500 C37000 C37100 C37700 C37710 C38000 C38500

C31400, CDA314, CA314
Leaded Commercial Bronze
C31600, CDA316, CA316
Commercial Leaded Commercial Bronze (Nickel-Bearing) Hardware Bronze
C33000, CDA330, CA330
Low Leaded Brass (Seamless Tube)
C35300, CDA353, CA353
High Leaded Brass 62% "Engravers Brass"
C36000, CDA360, CA360
Free-Machining, Free-Cutting Brass, SAE72
C36500, CDA365, CA365
Leaded Muntz Metal, Uninhibited
C38500, CDA385, CA385
Architectural Bronze

Wrought Copper-Zinc-Tin Alloys (Tin Brasses)

C40400 C40500 C41000 C41100 C41300 C41500 C42000 C42200 C42500 C43000 C43400 C43500 C43600 C44300 C44400 C44500 C46200 C46400 C46500 C47000 C47940 C48200 C48500 C48600

C44300, CDA443, CA443
Admiralty, Arsenical Brass
C46400, CDA464, CA464
Naval Brass, Uninhibited

Wrought Copper-Tin-Phosphorus Alloys (Phosphor Bronze)

C50100 C50200 C50500 C50700 C50710 C50715 C50900 C51000 C51100 C51900 C52100 C52400

C51000, CDA510, CA510
Phosphor Bronze, 5% A

Wrought Copper-Tin-Lead-Phosphorus Alloys (Leaded Phosphorus Bronze)

C53400 C54400

C54400, CDA544, CA544
Free-Cutting Leaded Phosphor Bronze B-2

Wrought Copper-Aluminum Alloys (Aluminum Bronzes)

C60800 C61000 C61300 C61400 C61500 C61550 C61800 C61900 C62200 C62300 C62400 C62500 C62580 C62581 C62582 C63000 C63010 C63020 C63200 C63280 C63380 C63400 C63600 C63800 C64200 C64210

C61400, CDA614, CA614
Wrought Aluminum Bronze
C62300, CDA623, CA623
Wrought Aluminum Bronze
C62400, CDA624, CA624
Wrought Aluminum Bronze
C63000, CDA630, CA630
Nickel-Aluminum Bronze
C63200, CDA632, CA632
Nickel-Aluminum Bronze
C64200, CDA642, CA642
Silicon Aluminum Bronze

Wrought Other Copper-Zinc Alloys (Manganese Bronze)

C64400 C64410 C66700 C66800 C67000 C67300 C67400 C67500 C67600 C68000 C68100 C68700 C68800 C69050 C69100 C69400 C69430 C69700 C69710

C67500, CDA675, CA675
Manganese Bronze "A"

Wrought Copper-Silicon Alloys (Silicon Bronzes)

C64700 C64710 C64730 C64900 C65100 C65400 C65500 C65600 C66100

C65100, CDA651, CA651
Low Silicon Bronze "B"
C65500, CDA655, CA655
High Silicon Bronze "A" Everdur

Wrought Copper-Nickel Alloys

C70100 C70200 C70250 C70400 C70500 C70600 C70610 C70690 C70700 C70800 C71000 C71100 C71300 C71500 C71580 C71581 C71590 C71640 C71700 C71900 C72150 C72200 C72420 C72500 C72650 C72700 C72800 C72900 C72950

C70600, CDA706, CA706
Copper-Nickels, 10%, 90/10, Cupronickel
C71500, CDA715, CA715
Copper-Nickel, 30% Cupronickel 70/30

Wrought Copper-Nickel-Zinc Alloys (Nickel Silvers)

C73500 C74000 C74300 C74500 C75200 C75400 C75700 C76000 C76200 C76400 C76700 C77000 C77300 C77400 C78200 C79000 C79200 C79800

C73500, C74000, C74300, C74500, C75200, C75400, C75700, C76000, C76200, C76400, C76700, C77000, C77300, C77400, C78200, C79000, C79200, C79800
Wrought Copper-Nickel-Zinc Alloys (Nickel-Silvers)

Cast Copper-Tin-Zinc and Copper-Tin-Zinc-Lead Alloys (Red and Leaded Red Brasses)

C83300 C83400 C83450 C83500 C83600 C83800 C83810

C83300, C83400, C83450, C83500, C83600, C83800,
Cast Red & Leaded Red Brass, Copper-Tin-Zinc & Copper-Tin-Zinc-Lead Alloys

Cast Copper-Tin-Zinc and Copper-Tin-Zinc-Lead Alloys (Semi-Red and Leaded Semi-Red Brasses)

C84200 C84400 C84410 C84500 C84800

C84200, C84400, C84500, C84800
Cast Semi-Red & Leaded Semi-Red Brass, Copper-Tin-Zinc & Copper-Tin-Zinc-Lead Alloys

Cast Copper-Zinc and Copper-Zinc-lead Alloys (Yellow and Leaded Yellow Brasses)

C85200 C85400 C85500 C85700 C85800

C85200, C85400, C85500, C85700, C85800
Cast Yellow & Leaded Yellow Brasses, Copper-Zinc & Copper-Zinc-Lead Alloys

Cast Manganese Bronzes and Leaded Manganese Bronze Alloys (High Strength and Leaded High Strength Yellow Manganese

C86100 C86200 C86300 C86400 C86500 C86700 C86800

C86100, C86200, C86300, C86400, C86500, C86700, C86800
Cast Manganese Bronze & Leaded Manganese Bronze Alloys, High Strength & Leaded High Strength Yellow Brasses
C86300, CDA863, CA863
Cast High Strength Manganese Bronze, 8C, 110,000 Tensile, SAE430B

Cast Copper-Silicon Alloys (Silicon Bronzes and Silicon Brasses)

C87300 C87400 C87500 C87600 C87610 C87800

C87300, C87400, C87500, C87600, C87610, C87800
Cast Copper-Silicon, Silicon Bronze and Silicon Brasses

Cast Copper-Tin Alloys (Tin Bronze)

C90200 C90300 C90500 C90700 C90710 C90800 C90810 C90900 C91000 C91100 C91300 C91600 C91700

C90200, C90300, C90500, C90700, C90800, C90900, C91000, C91100, C91300, C91600, C91700
Cast Copper-Tin Alloys, Tin Bronzes
C90300, CDA903, CA903
Cast Copper-Tin Bronze, Navy "G" Bronze, SAE620, 88-8-0-4
C90500, CDA905, CA905
Cast Tin Bronze, Gun Metal, SAE62, 85-10-0-2
C90700, CDA907, CA907
Cast Tin Bronze, SAE65, Cu89 Sn11

Cast Copper-Tin-Lead Alloys (Leaded Tin Bronze)

C92200 C92210 C92300 C92310 C92400 C92410 C92500 C92600 C92610 C92700 C92710 C92800 C92810 C92900

C92200, C92300, C92400, C92500, C92600, C92700, C92800, C92900
Cast Copper-Tin-Lead Alloys, Leaded Tin Bronzes
C92200, CDA922, CA922
Cast Leaded Tin Bronze 88-6-1, D4, Navy"M"Bronze, Steam or valve bronze, SAE622

Cast Copper-Tin-Lead Alloys (Leaded Tin Bronzes)

C92200 "Navy M" C92210 C92300 C92310 C92400 C92410 C92500 C9260 C92610 C92700 C92710 C92800 C92810 C92900

C54400, CDA544, CA544
Free-Cutting Leaded Phosphor Bronze B-2

Cast Copper-Tin-Lead Alloys (High-Leaded Tin Bronzes)

C93100 C93200 C93400 C93500 C93600 C93700 C93720 C93800 C93900 C93400 C94100 C94300 C94310 C93420 C94330 C94400 C94500

C93100, C93200, C93400, C93500, C93600, C93700, C93800, C93900, C94000, C94300, C94400, C94500
Cast Copper-Tin-Lead Alloys, High Leaded Tin Bronzes
C93200, CDA932, CA932, SAE660
High Leaded Tin Bronzes

Cast Copper-Tin-Nickel Alloys (Nickel-Tin Bronzes)

C94700 C94800 C94900

C94700, C94800, C94900
Cast Copper-Tin-Lead Alloys, Nickel Tin Bronzes

Cast Copper-Aluminum-Iron and Copper-Aluminum-Iron-Nickel Alloys (Aluminum Bronzes)

C95200 C95210 C95220 C95300 C95400 C95410 C95420 C95500 C95510 C95520 C95600 C95700 C95710 C95800 C95810 C95900

C35300, CDA353, CA353
High Leaded Brass 62% "Engravers Brass"
C95200, C95300, C95400, C95500, C95600, C95700, C95800, C95900
Cast Copper-Aluminum-Iron and Copper-Aluminum-Iron-Nickel Alloys, Aluminum Bronzes
C95400, C95500, C95900
Aluminum Bronzes

Cast Copper-Nickel-Iron Alloys (Copper-Nickels)

C96200 C96300 C96400 C96600 C96700 C96800 C96900

C96200, C96300, C96400, C96600, C96700, C96800,
Cast Copper-Nickel-Iron Alloys, Copper Nickels

Cast Nickel Silvers

C97300 C97400 C97600 C97800

C97300, C97400, C97600, C97800
Cast Copper-Nickel-Zinc Alloys, Nickels Silvers

Cast Leaded Coppers

C98200 C98400 C98600 C98800 C98820 C98840

C98200, C87400, C98600, C98800,
Cast Copper-Lead Alloys

Cast Special Alloys

C99300 C93350 C99400 C99500 C99600 C99700 C97750

C99300, C99350, C99400, C99500, C99700,
Cast Special Alloys

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