AMS Resource, Inc. - Alloy, Metal & Steel Supplier

Brass, Bronze & Copper

AMS Resource, Inc. is a supplier of Brass, Bronzes & Copper Alloys in a range of different grades, shapes and sizes. We have listed many grades with as much information as possible for reference,  while we may not stock all of them, we don’t want to look like the “Sears” catalog of steel. If we do not stock a listed grades of material, generally if it’s made, we can find it. There are times that some material just isn’t available off the shelf. In those cases, often we have two options, we can assist in looking for an alternate grade that is more readily available or we can go to the mill and have it produced in mill quantities.


  • Aluminum Bronzes
  • Brasses
  • Copper-Leaded Alloys
  • Copper-Nickel Alloys
  • High Copper Alloys
  • High Leaded Tin Bronzes
  • High Strength Yellow Brasses
  • Leaded Brasses
  • Leaded High Strength Yellow
  • Leaded Tin-Bronzes
  • Manganese Bronzes
  • Nickel Silvers
  • Nickel-Tin Bronzes
  • Oil Impregnated Bronzes
  • Phosphor Bronzes
  • Red & Leaded Brasses
  • Semi-Red & Leaded Semi-Red
  • Silicon Bronzes/Brasses
  • Tin Brasses/Bronzes
  • Wrought Alloys
  • Yellow & Leaded Yellow

Wrought Coppers

C10100, CDA101, CA101Oxygen-Free Electronic Copper
C11000, CDA110, CA110Electronic Tough Pitch Copper, ETP
C12200, CDA122, CA122Phosphorus Deoxidized, High Residual Phosphorus Copper
C14500, CDA145, CA145Phosphorus Deoxidized Copper, Tellurium Bearing, DPTE

Wrought High Copper Alloys

C17200, CDA172, CA172Beryllium Copper, Alloy 25
C17500, CDA175, CA175Beryllium Copper
C18000, CDA180, CA180 Copper Chromium Nickel Silicon, RWMA Class III, Beryllium Free
C18200, CDA182, CA182Chromium Copper, RWMA Class II

Wrought Copper-Zinc Alloys (Brasses)

C22000, CDA220, CA220 Commercial Bronze 90%
C23000, CDA230, CA230 Red Brass 85/15% Gilding Brass
C26000, CDA260, CA260Cartridge Brass 70% 70/30
C27000, CDA270, CA270 Yellow Brass 65% 65/35

Wrought Copper-Zinc-Lead Alloys (Leaded Brasses)

C31400, CDA314, CA314 Leaded Commercial Bronze
C31600, CDA316, CA316Commercial Leaded Commercial Bronze (Nickel-Bearing) Hardware Bronze
C33000, CDA330, CA330Low Leaded Brass (Seamless Tube)
C35300, CDA353, CA353 High Leaded Brass 62% "Engravers Brass"
C36000, CDA360, CA360 Free-Machining, Free-Cutting Brass, SAE72
C36500, CDA365, CA365Leaded Muntz Metal, Uninhibited
C38500, CDA385, CA385 Architectural Bronze

Wrought Copper-Zinc-Tin Alloys (Tin Brasses)

C44300, CDA443, CA443Admiralty, Arsenical Brass
C46400, CDA464, CA464 Naval Brass, Uninhibited

Wrought Copper-Tin-Phosphorus Alloys (Phosphor Bronze)

C51000, CDA510, CA510 Phosphor Bronze, 5% A

Wrought Copper-Tin-Lead-Phosphorus Alloys (Leaded Phosphorus Bronze)

C54400, CDA544, CA544Free-Cutting Leaded Phosphor Bronze B-2

Wrought Copper-Aluminum Alloys (Aluminum Bronzes)

C61400, CDA614, CA614 Wrought Aluminum Bronze
C62300, CDA623, CA623 Wrought Aluminum Bronze
C62400, CDA624, CA624 Wrought Aluminum Bronze
C63000, CDA630, CA630 Nickel-Aluminum Bronze
C63200, CDA632, CA632 Nickel-Aluminum Bronze
C64200, CDA642, CA642Silicon Aluminum Bronze

Wrought Other Copper-Zinc Alloys (Manganese Bronze)

C67500, CDA675, CA675 Manganese Bronze "A"

Wrought Copper-Silicon Alloys (Silicon Bronzes)

C65100, CDA651, CA651Low Silicon Bronze "B"
C65500, CDA655, CA655High Silicon Bronze "A" Everdur

Wrought Copper-Nickel Alloys

C70600, CDA706, CA706Copper-Nickels, 10%, 90/10, Cupronickel
C71500, CDA715, CA715Copper-Nickel, 30% Cupronickel 70/30

Wrought Copper-Nickel-Zinc Alloys (Nickel Silvers)

C73500, C74000, C74300, C74500, C75200, C75400, C75700, C76000, C76200, C76400, C76700, C77000, C77300, C77400, C78200, C79000, C79200, C79800Wrought Copper-Nickel-Zinc Alloys (Nickel-Silvers)

Cast Copper-Tin-Zinc and Copper-Tin-Zinc-Lead Alloys (Red and Leaded Red Brasses)

C83300, C83400, C83450, C83500, C83600, C83800, Cast Red & Leaded Red Brass, Copper-Tin-Zinc & Copper-Tin-Zinc-Lead Alloys

Cast Copper-Tin-Zinc and Copper-Tin-Zinc-Lead Alloys (Semi-Red and Leaded Semi-Red Brasses)

C84200, C84400, C84500, C84800Cast Semi-Red & Leaded Semi-Red Brass, Copper-Tin-Zinc & Copper-Tin-Zinc-Lead Alloys

Cast Copper-Zinc and Copper-Zinc-lead Alloys (Yellow and Leaded Yellow Brasses)

C85200, C85400, C85500, C85700, C85800Cast Yellow & Leaded Yellow Brasses, Copper-Zinc & Copper-Zinc-Lead Alloys

Cast Manganese Bronzes and Leaded Manganese Bronze Alloys (High Strength and Leaded High Strength Yellow Manganese

C86100, C86200, C86300, C86400, C86500, C86700, C86800 Cast Manganese Bronze & Leaded Manganese Bronze Alloys, High Strength & Leaded High Strength Yellow Brasses
C86300, CDA863, CA863 Cast High Strength Manganese Bronze, 8C, 110,000 Tensile, SAE430B

Cast Copper-Silicon Alloys (Silicon Bronzes and Silicon Brasses)

C87300, C87400, C87500, C87600, C87610, C87800Cast Copper-Silicon, Silicon Bronze and Silicon Brasses

Cast Copper-Tin Alloys (Tin Bronze)

C90200, C90300, C90500, C90700, C90800, C90900, C91000, C91100, C91300, C91600, C91700 Cast Copper-Tin Alloys, Tin Bronzes
C90300, CDA903, CA903 Cast Copper-Tin Bronze, Navy "G" Bronze, SAE620, 88-8-0-4
C90500, CDA905, CA905Cast Tin Bronze, Gun Metal, SAE62, 85-10-0-2
C90700, CDA907, CA907Cast Tin Bronze, SAE65, Cu89 Sn11

Cast Copper-Tin-Lead Alloys (Leaded Tin Bronze)

C92200, C92300, C92400, C92500, C92600, C92700, C92800, C92900Cast Copper-Tin-Lead Alloys, Leaded Tin Bronzes
C92200, CDA922, CA922Cast Leaded Tin Bronze 88-6-1, D4, Navy"M"Bronze, Steam or valve bronze, SAE622

Cast Copper-Tin-Lead Alloys (Leaded Tin Bronzes)

C54400, CDA544, CA544Free-Cutting Leaded Phosphor Bronze B-2

Cast Copper-Tin-Lead Alloys (High-Leaded Tin Bronzes)

C93100, C93200, C93400, C93500, C93600, C93700, C93800, C93900, C94000, C94300, C94400, C94500Cast Copper-Tin-Lead Alloys, High Leaded Tin Bronzes
C93200, CDA932, CA932, SAE660 High Leaded Tin Bronzes

Cast Copper-Tin-Nickel Alloys (Nickel-Tin Bronzes)

C94700, C94800, C94900 Cast Copper-Tin-Lead Alloys, Nickel Tin Bronzes

Cast Copper-Aluminum-Iron and Copper-Aluminum-Iron-Nickel Alloys (Aluminum Bronzes)

C35300, CDA353, CA353 High Leaded Brass 62% "Engravers Brass"
C95200, C95300, C95400, C95500, C95600, C95700, C95800, C95900 Cast Copper-Aluminum-Iron and Copper-Aluminum-Iron-Nickel Alloys, Aluminum Bronzes
C95400, C95500, C95900 Aluminum Bronzes

Cast Copper-Nickel-Iron Alloys (Copper-Nickels)

C96200, C96300, C96400, C96600, C96700, C96800, Cast Copper-Nickel-Iron Alloys, Copper Nickels

Cast Nickel Silvers

C97300, C97400, C97600, C97800Cast Copper-Nickel-Zinc Alloys, Nickels Silvers

Cast Leaded Coppers

C98200, C87400, C98600, C98800,Cast Copper-Lead Alloys

Cast Special Alloys

C99300, C99350, C99400, C99500, C99700, Cast Special Alloys