Tool Steels

AMS Resources, Inc. is a supplier of Tool Steels in a range of different grades, shapes and sizes. We stock a variety of carbon and alloy steels well-suited to making tools. The tool steels below are suited to hold a cutting edge at elevated temperatures because of their hardness and resistance to deformation and abrasion. If you seek a tool steel that is not listed below, get in touch with our product specialists and we will try to source it. There are times that some material just isn’t available off the shelf. In those cases we often have two options: we can assist in looking for an alternate grade that is more readily available or we can go to the mill and have it produced in mill quantities.

Tool Steels

A-2, A-6, A-7, A-10
Air-Hardening Tool Steels
D-2, D-3
High-Carbon, High-Chrome Tool Steels
H-11, H-13
Hot Work Tool Steel
Oil Hardening Tool Steel
Molybdenum-Tungsten High-Speed Tool Steel
Oil-Hardening Tool Steel
Graphitic Oil-Hardening Tool Steel
Chrome-Molybdemum Mold Steel
S-1, S-5, S-7
Shock Resistant Tool Steel
Water-Hardening Carbon Tool Steel

Powered Metal Tool Steel

A-11, M-4, M-42, T-15
Powdered Metal High Speed Tool Steel

Cast Tool Steels

Cast Tool Steel, CA-2, CD-2, CD-5, CS-5, CM-2, CS-7, CH-12, CH-13, CO-1

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Tool Steels