A-335 Grade P5, P9, P11, P22, P91 PIPE


This specification covers seamless ferritic alloy-steel pipe for high-temperature service. The pipe shall be suitable for bending, flanging (vanstoning), and similar forming operations, and for fusion welding. Grade P2 and P12 steel pipes shall be made by coarse-grain melting practice. The steel material shall conform to chemical composition, tensile property, and hardness requirements. Each length of pipe shall be subjected to the hydrostatic test. Also, each pipe shall be examined by a non-destructive examination method in accordance to the required practices. The range of pipe sizes that may be examined by each method shall be subjected to the limitations in the scope of the respective practices. The different mechanical test requirements for pipes, namely, transverse or longitudinal tension test, flattening test, and hardness or bend test are presented.


Wide applications for high temperature services in boilers, superheaters and heat exchangers etc.


A-335 Seamless Ferritic Alloy-Steel Pipe for High-Temperature Service

There are 18 grades available through this specification, Them most common stocked grades are:
P5, P9, P11, P22, P91

Available Forms

  • Pipe