B-438 Sintered Bronze Bearings (oil-Impregnated) “Oilite”


This specification covers sintered bronze, oil-impregnated bearings made primarily from elemental copper, tin, lead, and graphite powders. The manufacturer may, at his discretion, use prealloyed bronze powder in the mixed powder.

This specification covers the following variables:
Grades available in three bronze base compositions identifiable by different graphite contents and one leaded bronze grade.

Type Grades 1 and 2 are available in four types described by specific density ranges. Grade 3 is available in two types and Grade 4 is available in one type.

Bearings ordered to this specification will normally be sized after sintering and will be impregnated with a lubricating oil unless otherwise specified by the print


B-438 Sintered Bronze Bearings (oil-Impregnated) "Oilite"

Available Forms

  • Pattern Casting