B-439 Iron-Base Sintered Bronze Bearings (oil-Impregnated) “Super Oilite”


This specification covers the standard requirements for porous metallic sleeve, flange, thrust, and spherical iron-base bearings that are produced from mixed metal powder metallurgy technology and then impregnated with oil to supply operating lubrication. Porous iron-base bearings shall be produced by compaction of a mixture of elemental iron powder and copper, tin, pre-alloyed bronze or graphite powders and sintering in a furnace having a protective atmosphere at a specified time and temperature cycle. The interconnected or open porosity in the bearings shall be filled to the required volume either by an extended soaking in hot oil or preferably by a vacuum impregnation operation with lubricating oil which is a high-grade turbine oil with antifoaming additives and containing corrosion and oxidation inhibitors. Each of the iron-base bearing material shall conform to the chemical composition requirements for iron, carbon, graphite, copper, and tin as shall be determined by chemical analysis. The physical properties for each of the bearing material shall be within the prescribed wet density, oil content, and impregnation efficiency limits. The radial crushing strength and bearing breaking load of the oil-impregnated bearing material determined on a plain sleeve bearing or a test specimen prepared from a flange or spherical bearing shall also meet the minimum and maximum mechanical strength values.


B-439 Iron-Base Sintered Bronze Bearings (oil-Impregnated) "Super Oilite"

Available Forms

  • Pattern Casting