B-505 Copper Alloy Continuous Castings


This specification establishes requirements for continuously cast rod, bar, tube, and shapes produced from copper alloys with nominal compositions. Castings produced to this specification may be manufactured for and supplied from stock. Mechanical tests are required only when specified by the purchaser in the purchase order. Continuous castings shall not be mechanically repaired, plugged, or burned in. Weld repairs may be made at the manufacturer's discretion. For sampling purposes, a lot shall consist of castings of the same composition and same cross-sectional dimensions, produced during the continuous operation of one casting machine, and submitted for inspection at one time unless specified otherwise. The specimen shall be comprised of the following major elements: copper, tin, lead, zinc, iron, aluminum, manganese, and nickel including cobalt. Residual elements may be present in cast copper-base alloys. The fractured bars shall be retained for chemical verification. Both the Brinell hardness reading and Rockwell hardness reading shall be taken on the grip end of the tension test bar. At the request of the purchaser castings shall be marked with the alloy number.

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B-505 Copper Alloy Continuous Castings
Grades include:
C83600 Copper-Tin-Zinc-Lead, Leaded Red Brass, SAE 40, 85-5-5-5, Ounce metal
C83800 Copper-Tin-Zinc-Lead, Leaded Red Brass, 83-4-6-7, Hydraulic bronze
C84200 Copper-Tin-Zinc-Lead, Leaded Red Brass, 80-5-2.5-12.5
C84400 Copper-Tin-Zinc-Lead, Leaded Semi-Red Brass, 83-3-7-9, 81 metal
C84800 Copper-Tin-Zinc-Lead, Leaded Semi-Red Brass, 76-3-6-15, 76 metal
C86200 Manganese Bronze, High Strength Yellow Brass, SAE430A
C86300 Manganese Bronze, High Strength Yellow Brass, SAE430B
C86400 Leaded Manganese Bronze, High Strength Yellow Brass
C86500 Manganese Bronze, High Strength Yellow Brass, SAE43,
C90300 Copper-Tin, Tin Bronze, SAE620, 88-8-0-4, Navy G
C90500 Copper-Tin, Tin Bronze, SAE620, 88-10-0-2, Gun metal
C90700 Copper-Tin, Tin Bronze, SAE65, 89-11
C91000 Copper-Tin, Tin Bronze, 85-14-0-0
C91300 Copper-Tin, Tin Bronze, 81-19, Bell metal
C92200 Copper-Tin-Lead, Leaded Tin Bronze, 88-6-1.5-4.5, Navy M
C92300 Copper-Tin-Lead, Leaded Tin Bronze, SAE621, 87-8-1-4, Leaded G bronze
C92500 Copper-Tin-Lead, Leaded Tin Bronze, SAE640, 87-11-1-0-1
C92700 Copper-Tin-Lead, Leaded Tin Bronze, SAE63, 88-10-2-0,
C92800 Copper-Tin-Lead, Leaded Tin Bronze, 79-16-5-0-0, Ring metal
C92900 Copper-Tin-Lead, Leaded Nickel-Tin Bronze, 84-10-2.5-0-3.5
C93200 Copper-Tin-Lead, High-Leaded Tin Bronze, SAE660, 83-7-7-3, Bushing bronze
C93400 Copper-Tin-Lead, High-Leaded Tin Bronze, 84-8-8-0
C93500 Copper-Tin-Lead, High-Leaded Tin Bronze, SAE660, 85-5-9-1
C93700 Copper-Tin-Lead, High-Leaded Tin Bronze, SAE640, 80-10-10
C93800 Copper-Tin-Lead, High-Leaded Tin Bronze, SAE67, 78-7-15, Anti-acid metal
C94000 Copper-Tin-Lead, High-Leaded Tin Bronze, 71-13-1-0-1
C94100 Copper-Tin-Lead, High-Leaded Tin Bronze, SAE94, 75-5-20-0-0
C94300 Copper-Tin-Lead, High-Leaded Tin Bronze, SAE794, Soft bronze
C94700 Copper-Tin-Nickel , Nickel-Tin Bronzes, 88-5-0-2-5,
C94800 Copper-Tin-Nickel , Nickel-Tin Bronzes, 87-5-1-2-5,
C95200 Copper-Aluminum-Iron, Aluminum Bronze, SAE68A, 88-3-9, 9A
C95300 Copper-Aluminum-Iron, Aluminum Bronze, SAE68B, 89-1-10, 9B
C95400 Copper-Aluminum-Iron, Aluminum Bronze, 9C
C95500 Copper-Aluminum-Iron-Nickel, Aluminum Bronze, 81-4-4-11, 9D
C95520 Copper-Aluminum-Iron-Nickel, Aluminum Bronze, AMS 4881
C95800 Copper-Aluminum-Iron-Nickel, Aluminum Bronze, 81-5-4-9-1, Propeller bronze
C96400 Copper-Nickel-Iron, Copper-Nickel Bronze, 70-30, Cupro-nickel
C97300 Copper-Nickel-Zinc, Nickel Silver Bronze, 56-2-10-20-12
C97600 Copper-Nickel-Zinc, Nickel Silver Bronze, 64-4-4-8-20, Dairy metal
C97800 Copper-Nickel-Zinc, Nickel Silver Bronze, 65-5-2-2-25

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