B-584 Copper Alloy Sand Castings for General Applications


This specification covers requirements for copper alloy sand castings for general applications. The components part casting may be manufactured in advance and supplied from stock. The castings shall conform to the compositional requirements for named elements specified. Mechanical properties of copper alloys such as tensile strength, yield strength, and elongation shall be determined. The castings shall not be repaired, plugged, welded, or burned in.

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B-584 Copper Alloy Sand Castings for General Applications
Grades include:

C83450 Leaded red brass
C83600 85-5-5-5 or No. 1 composition
C83800 Commercial red brass, 83-4-6-7
C84400 Leaded semi-red brass, valve composition, 81-3-7-9
C84800 Semi-red brass
C85200 Leaded yellow brass
C85400 Yellow brass, commercial No. 1 yellow brass
C85700 Leaded Naval Brass
C86200 High-strength yellow brass, high-strength manganese bronze
C86300 High-strength manganese bronze
C86400 Leaded manganese bronze
C86500 No. 1 manganese bronze
C86700 Leaded manganese bronze
C87300 Silicon bronze
C87400 Silicon brass
C87500 Silicon brass
C87600 Silicon bronze
C87610 Silicon bronze
C87710 Silicon bronze
C87845 Silicon bronze
C87850 Silicon brass

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