C22000, CDA220, CA220 Commercial Bronze 90%


The alloy has a high capacity for being cold worked and does not harden as rapidly as higher zinc alloys, 240 and 260, thus requiring fewer anneals between operations. Exposure to high sulfide media should be avoided.


Artillery Projectile Rotating Bands, Press Fit, Ball Point Pens, Base for Vitreous Enamel, Bolts, Cable Wrap, Caskets, Chain Links, Compacts, Costume Jewelry, Escutcheons, Etching Bronze, Flexible Tube, Grill Work, Hardware, Housing for Lipstick Compacts, Kick Plates, Line Clamps, Lipstick Cases, Marine Hardware, Ornamental Trim, Plumbers' Brass Goods, Primer Caps, Rivets, Rotating Bands, Rotor Bar - AC Motors, Screen Cloth, Screen Wire, Screw Shells, Screws, Small Arms Cartridges, Studs, Wave Guides, Weather Stripping


B-131 Copper Alloy Bullet Jacket Cups
B-134 Brass Wire
B-135 Seamless Brass Tube
B-36 Brass Plate, Sheet, Strip And Rolled Bar
B-372 Seamless Copper And Copper-alloy Rectangular Waveguide Tube
B-587 Welded Brass Tube
B-694 Copper, Copper Alloy And Copper-clad Stainless Steel Sheet And Strip For Electrical Cable Shielding
J461 Wrought And Cast Copper Alloys
J463 Wrought Copper And Copper Alloys
MIL-B-18907 Bands, Projectile Rotating
MIL-C-3383 Cups, Bullet-jacket, Copper Alloy, For Small Arms Ammunition
MIL-W-85 Waveguides, Rigid, Rectangular
MIL-W-6712 Wire, Metallizing
UNS C22000

Available Forms

  • Bar
  • Plate
  • Rectangle Bar
  • Rod
  • Sheet
  • Strip
  • Tubes
  • Wire

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