C26000, CDA260, CA260 Cartridge Brass 70% 70/30


Also known as 70/30 Cartridge brass,CZ106, ISO CuZn30

This material also known as cartridge brass since the largest volume of material is used for this purpose in metallic pistol and rifle cartridges. This material has fair to excellent corrosion resistance depending on the contact agents chemistry. It has excellent cold workability and good hot formability. Typical applications include radiator cores and tanks, flashlight shells, lamp fixtures, fasteners, pins, rivets, discs, ammunition components, etc.


Air Pressure Conveyer Systems, Ammunition, Ammunition Cartridge Cases, Bathroom Fixtures,Bead Chain, Bird Cages, Buttons, Chain, Coinage, Costume Jewelry, Decorative Hardware, Door Knobs, Electrical Connectors, Eyelets, Fasteners, Faucet Escutcheons, Finish Hardware, Fireplace Screens, Fittings, Flashlight Shells, Grillwork, Grommets, Heat Exchangers, Heater Cores, Hinges, Kick, Plates, Lamp Fixtures, Lamps, Liners, Locks, Mechanical Housings for Lighters, Odometer Contacts, Pen/Pencil Inserts and Clips, Pins, Planters, Plumbing Accessories, Plumbing Brass Goods, Power Cylinders, Pumps, Push Plates, Radiator Cores, Radiator Tube
Reflectors, Rivets, Screw Shells, Screws, Shells - Electrical Sockets, Shells - Mechanical Housings for Ammunition, Snaps, Sound Proofing Equipment, Springs, Stencils, Syringe Parts, Tanks, Terminal Connectors, Thermostats, Traps, Tubing for Instruments and Machines, Washers, Watch Parts, Wire Screens


ASTM B19 Cartridge Brass Sheet, Strip, Plate, Bar And Disks
ASTM B36 Brass Plate, Sheet, Strip And Rolled Bar
ASTM B135 Seamless Brass Tube
ASTM B569 Brass Strip In Narrow Widths And Light Gage For Heat Exchanger Tubing
ASTM B587 Welded Brass Tube
ASTM B888 Copper Alloy Strip For Electrical Connectors And Contacts
SAE J461 Wrought And Cast Copper Alloys
uns C26000

Available Forms

  • Bar
  • Plate
  • Rod
  • Sand Castings
  • Sheet
  • Strip
  • Tubes

Brass,Spent Shell Casings,C260 7/30 70/30 Brass