C31600, CDA316, CA316 Leaded Commercial Bronze (Nickel-Bearing)


Also known as Hardware Bronze
Nickel Leaded Commercial Bronze is also a free machining brass with a higher electrical and thermal conductivity than that of standard free machining brass,Very likely C31400, C31600 Nickel Leaded Commercial Bronze is not only comprise about 89% copper, 8% zinc, and 2% lead, but also contains 1% nickel. This alloy combines the natural corrosion resistance and machinability of C31400 with a higher tensile and yield strength thanks to the controlled addition of nickel. The relatively low zinc content provides excellent corrosion resistance in potable water along with a pleasing golden color that matches C22000 hardware. It also possesses a particular resistance to stress corrosion cracking, so it is an alloy suitable for outdoor use where higher strength is required in comparison with the C31400.


Hardware, Connectors, Fasteners, Nuts, Screws, Screw Machine Parts


MIL-V-18436 Valves

Available Forms

  • Bar
  • Rectangle Bar
  • Rod
  • Square Bar