Cast & Ductile Iron

AMS Resources, Inc. stocks Cast/Grey Iron & Ductile Irons in a range of different grades, shapes and sizes. These iron-carbon alloys have a low melting temperature, fluidity, castability, machinability, resistance-to-wear and resistance-to-deformation. These features have made it a widely usable engineering material. Machine and automotive industry parts such as cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, and gearbox cases are but a few of the applications that Cast Iron is used for. Take a look at our stock below or contact us to help you find a specific grade of material.

Cast & Ductile Irons

Pearlitic Ductile Iron
Ferritic Ductile Iron
Partially Pearlitic Ductile Iron
Class 40
Cast Grey Iron
Ni-Resist Type 1
Austenitic Cast Iron
Ni-Resist Type 2
Austenitic Cast Iron

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